Extended Stays

Make Working on the Road More Comfortable

Stay at an extended stay property in El Paso, TX

Are you in town on a long-term business project, or just looking to get away from the cold during the winter months? Either way, staying in a hotel for months at a time can get uncomfortable.

Instead, choose an extended stay property from Shield Family Homes LLC. We have extended stay rentals to accommodate you, no matter what your needs are. From downtown studio apartments for up-and-coming individuals to full-size homes for families, we can find a home for you for as long as you need.

Contact us today to discuss one of our extended stay rentals in El Paso, TX.

Make it more than a visit

When you're visiting El Paso for months at a time, make sure you get the full Texas experience. When you book an extended stay property through Shield Family Homes, you'll get additional accommodations that will make your stay easier, like:

Discounts on rental cars

Connections with local activity groups

Permanent residence assistance